Press Release – February 13, 2017 – Vienna (OTS) – On February 20th, Vienna based development studio Rocketbike ARVR will be announcing their innovative, new virtual reality web browsing platform: booomVR,

booomVR is a virtual reality content aggregation platform. It provides a real time view of what is going on via the virtual web, by aggregating VR and 3D content from the web, social media, news feeds and other websites and presents it in an easy to use user interface.

The developers at Rocketbike ARVR asked themselves, which component was actually missing in VR? Although there was a growing supply of VR content, there was a lack of practical tools and applications.

One of the biggest problems, they found, was surfing the web in VR, which can be a complicated and somewhat broken experience. The team at Rocketbike ARVR wanted to make browsing the web in VR different.

According to Rocketbike ARVR Creative Director Sean Earley “Being in VR can make you feel disconnected. Mobile tech has made us so accustomed to always having the internet at our fingertips, yet in VR, this element was missing.“

“BooomVR solves this problem by grabbing all your favorite VR and 3D content off the web and allows you to access it in real time, within any interactive VR environment. It provides seamless VR content browsing just like we do on our phones and computers.” says Earley.

booomVR also offers the possibility for brands and VR content providers to deliver their own VR content via branded channels and interactive virtual environments.. In addition, booomVR offers white label solutions for creating their own custom, branded VR applications.

Press Conference and Pre-Release Party

On 20 February 2017, the Virtual Reality Café “VREI” in Vienna will feature a press conference and a pre-release event announcing the platform. Patrick Esteves, Sean Earley and Mig Marn will be on site to explain the features and capabilities of booomVR and as well as to offer an outlook on future development. All visitors will have the opportunity to test booomVR on site and to surf the web in VR.

Press Conference – Date: 20.02.2017, 14:00 – 15:00 hours
Location: VREI – Lindengasse 53, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Pre-Release Party – Date: 20.02.2017, 18:30 – 21:00 hours
Location: VREI – Lindengasse 53, 1070 Vienna, Austria

About booomVR

booomVR is sponsored by aws impulse XS of the BMWFW, handled by the aws, and launches as a beta version for Oculus RIFT in early March 2017.

About Rocketbike ARVR

Rocketbike ARVR GmbH was founded in Vienna, by veterans of the games, film and TV industry. Their roster includes the likes of Midway, Sony Online Entertainment, Microsoft Game Studios, ILM, Nintendo and Crytek.

Their team in Vienna are developing the “Virtual Reality Content Aggregation Platform” booomVR.

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